Butterfly Wings: School in Rathankot

This short video was filmed last November during my visit to Rathankot. The children here are siting in their temporary school, since their usual one had been destroyed by the 2015 earthquakes. The Gayatri Fund, directed by Eva Holmberg-Tedert, provided the materials and training for the villagers to rebuild their school. 

Specialised training was provided to learn how to build earthquake-resistant bricks. With this knowledge the village has built their new school but has also boosted its economy as they can offer this service for other villages. 

The new school is now finished and was opened last March. We can't wait to go to visit in October and film there. 

That's the way Eva likes to work: small scale projects with large impact. 

Help us tell her story an join our crowdfunding campaign on the 4th of September 2017. 

Butterfly Wings Eva earth brick
Butterfly Wings Rathankot Women Making Bricks
Butterfly Wings Women Making Bricks at Rathankot
Rathankot Women Making Bricks Butterfly Wings
Butterfly Wings Eva and Veronica in Rathankot