Eva Holmberg-Tedert, the power of compassion

Butterfly Wings is a short documentary that tells Eva Holmberg-Tedert story. Eva is just one person. One person amongst billions, one person who felt called to make a difference and is now changing the world for the children of Nepal. However, Eva is no different from you and I. And that is the beauty of it. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Eva Holmberg-Tedert /Photo by Veronica Layunta-Maurel

Eva Holmberg-Tedert /Photo by Veronica Layunta-Maurel

Today we are presenting  an interview carried out last year, where Eva tells us all about how she started her work in Nepal.

Meeting Eva has inspired us beyond belief. Butterfly Wings will make you wonder what your unique gift is and how you can make the world a better and more beautiful place. Who knows, you might feel called too to bring it to life. 

For the last nine years, Eva has provided a home and education for girls from pre-school age to teenagers, some of whom are already training to be doctors, nurses and midwives and who now want give back to their communities. She has re-settled many children back with their families or other relatives and provided sponsorship for education and health costs. She’s provided rural areas with livestock and water supplies, and helped re-build a school that was destroyed by the earthquakes of 2015. All in all Eva has touched and changed the futures of hundreds of children.

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