Video blog: Eva talks about how she founded her first home for girls in Kathmandu

Butterfly Wings tells the story of Eva Holmberg-Tedert, a Swedish 60 year old civil servant who, after attending a talk by a Tibetan Lama in Sweden, felt the urgent call to help street children in Nepal. For the last 9 years, and after founding the Society for Street Children of Nepal and later on directing The Gayatri Fund,  she has helped, protected and given education to so many children. She has created two homes for girls in Kathmandu, built a school in a remote Himalayan village, delivered water filtration systems to slums, help rebuild a traditional well in a historical town and boosted small villages' economies through donating goats and yaks. 

And the most impressive thing of all is that all started with her, one person, saying yes to her heart, and gathering the courage to follow her call. She's a whirlwind of compassion, but not of any kind, as Eva would emphasise, 'compassion in action'.  

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Thank you so much for being part of this. We all can create extraordinary change. Namaste!