One Year On.

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It has been a year now since Odyssey Films visited Nepal. As we keep working on the editing of our documentary, Butterfly Wings, which tells the story of how Eva, one ordinary person, created extraordinary change in people’s lives, thousands of memories come to our minds and warm our hearts. With so much gratitude to the Gayatri Fund and Eva Holmberg-Tedert for allowing us not only to film but also to live their every day work and passion for helping children in Nepal, we are happy to share two clips that illustrate two of the projects: the building of a school in the remote Himalayan village of Rathankot and a water project in Maghi Gaun, which allows children to go to class instead of spending the day collecting water for their homes.

With every project we filmed, we got to know the people behind them, we got to hear their stories and motivations, we got to witness every child’s dream and the efforts and unconditional love that Eva and her invaluable team put into every action, every decision, every idea. Thousand of seeds are planted daily so children can grow with hope for a better future.

You can view our clips by clicking the links below. We hope they open a window into the world of these children so you can also be inspired by the power of just one person, one moment, one decision to step out of her comfort zone to make the world a better place.

In the meantime our editing work continues. We cannot wait to show you the documentary finalised.

If you feel inspired by the Gayatri Fund project and would like to contribute, you can visit their facebook page, where you will find more information and the opportunity to donate.

We would love to hear from you. Which clip did you enjoy the most? What image touched your heart? What are your thoughts? Tell us on the comments bellow.