We at Odyssey Films were both excited and honoured to tell Eva's inspiring story in our documentary, Butterfly Wings. We are committed to tell uplifting stories featuring ordinary people creating extraordinary change and we need your help to tell this story. 

We filmed in Nepal in October 2017 and have been editing since. As this is a very small budgeted production that has relied on crowd-funding, the post-production has been a slow process but we are determined to keep going. We raised some funds for the initial filming in Nepal through a GoFundMe campaign and have kept that campaign open throughout the post-production process to help with expenses. We have released two short clips which give a small taste of the ‘small-scale, large-impact’ work that Eva has lead and the lives she has changed forever.

If you feel called to help us tell her story please visit our GoFundMe page here. Any donation of any size will be gratefully received and all those who have contributed, regardless of amount will get special mention on our site and in the credits.


 It is tradition with crowd–funding projects that small mementos and products of varying sizes be given to contributors of various amounts as a sign of appreciation. However, our aim is to ensure as much of the funding as possible goes directly to this project because we feel the most important part of this documentary is Eva’s inspiring and courageous story and the charities she stands for, The Society for Street Children in Nepal and The Gayatri Fund We want every penny to go toward raising awareness of her wonderful work and to help expand her reach. There are still so many children that need help and the money that you donate will go toward changing the life of child in Nepal. Any money leftover will go directly to the charities themselves.

We are eternally grateful for any and all contributions.